April 4, 2018

Coats Optional..

Love this image. It was taken on a chilly morning as we waited for the bus just outside of Saint Stevens Green in Dublin.  It was one of the few times in recent memory that coats were NOT considered optional by my children.

Coats my son feels are optional. He wears it when and only when it’s 100% needed.  I don’t think that he doesn’t feel cold.  We live in Minnesota so it’s cold, ALOT.  This battle is not a new thing for the teen years.  The winter he was two, he refused to wear his winter coat.  It became a HUGE battle of wills.  When the temps dipped too low,  a coat is not optional, it’s a requirement.  However, he refused to put a coat on and I refused to leave the house unless he wore one.  I can tell you that was the LONGEST winter ever.

Years ago, I lived in Texas, we moved there when my Dad was assigned a new base.  We were coming from Hawaii, closed toed shoes and coats were things that were not a part of our wardrobes.  I was excited, I finally got to have a coat. The excitement lasted until we hit spring.  Once the weather started to trend towards warmer days, I would complain that it was hot when I came home, and wonder why I needed a coat.   The result was I would lose coats on a regular basis.  One year I lost one to many, let’s say it was an eye opener.  I can tell you I didn’t lose another coat, from that point forward.

Fast forward to today.  I wonder if my parents felt the same frustration, and wonder if the fight is worth it.   It’s not as if he doesn’t own a coat, he does. It’s not as though I don’t suggest wearing it, I do.  Unlike that winter he was two, he does wear it when the temps are cold enough.

Maybe this is one parenting battle that I need to leave as optional.

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