April 5, 2018

Disney Dreams…

A little known fact. I once worked at Disneyland, I think that was the start of my life long love of helping people.  My role as part of the cast, was as cashier at Carnation Gardens – a quick serve food court on Main Street.  Carnation Gardens is long gone. However, my love for Disney has never wavered. We have tons of movies, and I passed that love of Disney down to my kids.  K wore her princess dresses non stop for two years and J still collects the cool matchbox cars from the Car’s movies.

Last Fall we were lucky enough to be at a Karate tournament in Orlando.  In between the hi-ya’s and all the Karate stuff we snuck in a few trips to the park.

The best part is the visit was a surprise. I had told the kids, it was a tournament, and Disney was off the table.  Meanwhile, behind the scenes, I was working with a good friend to make sure we could do at least one visit to a park, that turned into a full day at the Magic Kingdom and another visit for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, along with a whirl wind tour around Epcot (thanks to a friend who hosted us as their guests).   I can’t say enough about the magic that still remains.   It was a busy day – thank goodness I invested in photo pass.  It’s a great way to make sure you have all your memories and don’t have to stress about taking photos, or worry about missing a photo opp.

Thanks to their trusty photographers we were able to capture this gem with ALL seven dwarfs, at the end of a very very long day!


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