April 4, 2018

Growing Pains….

I love being a Mom and having more than one child is, mostly, a blessing.  However, it does mean I am often navigating kids through two different stages at the same time.  As one passes out of a phase/stage, the other is starting that cycle over again.   I know that the flow varies, but the kid and age difference, and to be clear I am not sure there is a prefect gap.  Mine have a four year gap, and until this year the four year gap seemed to be a pretty good one.

This year mine hit two huge milestones, one started High School the other Middle School.  While Middle school is hard socially and a huge shift academically, I feel much more prepared to guide her than I did her brother. After-all, I had a staring role in the ups/downs of the middle school years.  I almost feel I have reached pro level status with this stage.   High School, however, that’s another story.  Never mind, it’s been way too many years since I was marching towards my High School diploma.  Things have changed a great deal since than.  Not mention I had a graduating class of 56 to his 600, which adds another totally new element to things.

It’s easy to see why they are rarely in snyc with each other, however,  that doesn’t lesson the friction caused when they are not in sncy.  The best way to describe my days is I am the middle of a see-saw. Someone is most always up and someone is down- that middle balance is fleeting.

While we have few days where they peacefully co-existing, when they do happen they are memorable.  I think they work together best when they are working against me – on this day in Ireland they DID NOT want to take a photo, but they muddled through together.

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