December 22, 2014

It’s beginning to look like Christmas!

It’s starting to look like Christmas here!  It’s just as good a time as any to start blogging again, so I thought I would just jump in.

Each year I try to do something nice for my children’s teachers, after all it’s not always an easy job, and I am very grateful for those who work to help guide my children.  I have been blessed to have amazing educators as a part of their lives – but I admit it’s getting harder and harder to find something that is fun, nice and affordable.   John is in middle school now, and has up to 9 teachers that I want to acknowledge for their support and help, Kate in elementary still has just one main teacher.

I found these adorable gift cards at Starbucks – which gave me the idea to give them ‘thanks a latte’. It’s not much but usually most people can find something to eat or drink (or even regift them).  The next part was presentation – after all sometimes the best part of the gift if the wrapping!  The gals at my local Starbucks helped come up with the great ‘packaging’ idea.  I took cups (theirs or bought the holiday reusable) and put candy in them to make it look like a
frappuccino.  Then I used marker to tag the cups – best I can tell they were a hit!

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