January 2, 2020

A Word for 2020

Word of the year time . As in past years I have selected a word to be my guide post for what I want to make happen this year. Unlike previous years, where I have been able to narrow it down to one word, this year I have selected two words, that work in tandem with each other. Change and Acceptance. I won’t sugar coat it this combination was selected, due to what we are experiencing as a family with Vince’s recent diagnosis of Stage 4 Colon Cancer. I will need to use both to get through all the challenges life has ahead for me and my family. Change is will happen and acceptance of the changes is needed to move forward.

Change. To move through this phase in life, changes have to happen. No matter what the outcome is, we as a family are forever changed.

Acceptance. If 2019 showed me anything it’s that no matter how much we want to we can’t always choose what happens. No matter how much you want to changes things, sometimes you cannot. The only way through is to accept them, and work with them rather than against them.

Changes that I need to work to Accept
The role of caregiver.
You can’t always have all the answers.
Making a career/change.
Budget Changes.
Help, no more forging ahead alone.
Create memories everyday.
Change is the only constant.
Living in the moment vs. Planning

2020 Will be the most challenging year we have faced as a family. However, if we focus on making changes and accepting what they have to be I think we can clear this hurdle with grace and a little bit of fun!

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