October 4, 2016

Where has the time gone….


I think it’s time I dusted off the blog.  I had great visions of this becoming a way to share life – and both the good and sometimes not so great about being a 21st Century mom.  The bonus – or so it seemed at the time – was that I would document the kids growing up.  Sad to say I hardly dust off my camera, and when I do I don’t edit and print/share the images.  I need to do better or these digital native – will never have any photos.

Change starts now.   We are in the count down to an epic adventure.  We are headed to Ireland for the WKC World Karate Championships. Where her brother is competing at the end of this month.

As for this image – this is one of my all time favorites of my girl.   When I took this image -I had no way of knowing it was her calling card – saying watch out world here I come.  She’s sitting now right between being a little girl and a tween.  If I had to guess, she’s not sure where she want’s to land, either.  One minute she’s all little girl, creating amazing adventures for her dolls. The next she’s telling me she can do everything herself – and making a play for my clothes once her height catches up.

I think you have better odds at the craps table in Vegas then guessing which side of the coin she’s landed on each morning.  That said – I wouldn’t trade her or the journey for anything.


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