January 3, 2019

Word of the Year – 2019

The Dark Hedges – Northern Ireland – November 2018

January is the time of resolutions and new beginnings, it can be a great time to take on new challenges and to set goals for the coming year.

Last year my one big goal was to complete a 365 day challenge, full disclosure some posts were days later the images may not have been taken that day, but I have 365 days showing our life. I plan to try this again, but add on a video snippet per day. However, that was the only personal goal I met in 2018.

This year I am trying something new, instead of a list of goals, I am going to define the year with a word. A word that, hopefully, will help me shape 2019 into the life I see for myself.  I hope that making this one word my “mantra” or inspiration, will help me make changes in 2019.   I  had trouble narrowing it down to just a single word, but finally found one that merged my two favorites.  

Move–  So on board with this one.  Who doesn’t need to move more, physically, and pretty sure forward movement on projects and goals is always a plus.  This really lines up with a secret desire to get in more walking and maybe do a 5k in 2019.

Focus – Another high five to this word.  I work from home, where it’s easy to get squirrel syndrome, and setting boundaries is not my forte.  Staying focused is something that would hopefully allow me to carve out more time for family.

Balance –  Yup – this is totally lacking.  It’s often tough for me to find that balance between work/family/personal time.  Time to recharge and be with family is so important and finding that right mix, for me, is always tough.  

To achieve balance it will require me to focus on the tasks at hand and continue to move forward with projects.

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